I have had the pleasure of taping 2 Quilting Arts Workshops for Interweave/F&W media over the past four years on the set of Quilting Arts TV. My first one, Dyeing to Stitch was taped in August of 2011, and is a great overview of how I create my art. I show how I dye my fabrics, free hand cut fabric from pre-fused fabrics, and then stitch my whimsical scenes with a sketchy style of Free Motion Quilting.  Free Motion Machine Sketching was taped in September of 2013; in it I cover in depth my own signature style of free motion quilting. I take you through the creation of many Free Motion Machine Sketched motifs inspired by the things just inside and outside my back door, teaching you how I created fabric sketchbooks as well. Click on the covers below to learn more about each one!

Free Motion Machine Sketching
Dyeing to Stitch
Home Decor
Indigo Dyed Scarves
Silk Scarves