01-Dyeing-to-Stitch-00Dyeing to Stitch: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Colorful Fabric Art

“Dyeing to Stitch” is a 70 minute DVD, filmed on the set of Quilting Arts TV. In it, I take you through my artistic process, beginning to end, and share lots of tips, tricks and some secret recipes. The workshop focusses around my Jewel Tone Palette of hand dyed fabric:

Price: $20.00

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I start by showing how I mix my dyes and dye single hue fabrics; the recipes for all 6 of the jewel tones are included on the DVD.


Next, I illustrate 6 different ways to dye multicolor fabrics:


I then talk about color theory, show how I use my “Candiotic Table of Elemental Color”,  and walk you through the choices I made to find the perfect chartreuse.


Finally I demonstrate my “free motion machine sketching”:


and the ways I work with fabric so that everything I do reflects the uniqueness of things that I make.


Early Reviews

I thought I’d share some emails I received from some of the first people to purchase my DVD, so you can see what other folks are saying:

Candy, couldn’t help myself and had to watch your DVD after receiving it yesterday. Wow! It was the first time I’ve *applauded* during an instructional DVD! And the slidey pleat is genius. Thank you!    from Diane Doran

I am in heaven!! Not only did I get an amazing DVD about dyeing, but one of the most beautiful pieces of fabric I’ve ever owned. (Yes, it pays to order your DVD early!) I was so excited last night that I watched the DVD right away and it’s *super*. I have so many new ideas and instructions for things I’ve wanted to do but never tried. It’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. I can hardly wait for a weekend to dye again!     from Barb Stone

Candy, Candy, Candy! I just watched the first two chapters of the DVD. Outstanding. I love the way you teach. You move along quickly and stay on subject just the way I like to learn. You are so organized! Wow. Tomorrow, I will watch more chapters but already I can see I will soon be trying your techniques on my own.    from Jan Harmon


Price: $20.00

Video preview

Gallery of more pictures from the DVD

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