Scarves-HeaderI love color! When I dye my scarves, I focus on creating delicious color combinations. I record how I create these colors so I can repeat a favorite combination; although each scarf is unique, the ones that start with the same hues are recognizably similar – I name them to keep them straight. I work with four different sizes/weights of scarves:


  • Habotai Stole: at 5 mm, this is the lightest of my scarves, and measures 22” x 70”. It is lightweight and has lots of movement, and can be worn either on the arms as a stole or around your neck.  $37
  • Charmeuse Scarf: This scarf weighs almost 4 times as much (19 mm) as the Habotai Stole. It is thick, luxurious and has an incredible drape. It measure 14” x 70”.  $41
  • Charmeuse Stole: Like the charmeuse scarf, this is made of luxuriously thick silk, and at 21″ x 84”, feels wonderful draped over your shoulders.  $56
  • Crepe Cape: This cape is an incredible fashion statement. The crepe texture is matte, making it less slippery than the other silks. With a weight of 12 mm, it’s heavy enough to stay put, but still has lovely movement. It is a roughly 50″ x 60″ oval, with a slit up the center and a rounded neckline.  $81

I have most of my scarf color palettes in stock for immediate shipping, and if I don’t have your favorite combination of colors and style, I would be more than happy to dye one just for you! This usually takes 1-2 weeks, but if you’re really pressed for time, Email me to confirm I have a particular scarf in stock.

  • Shipping within the US is by Priority Mail. Please see my policies for more details.
  • International Shipping: Please Email me before purchase, I’ll calculate what it will cost and send you a PayPal invoice for that exact amount.

The colors I’m working with now break down into 4 main groups, divided into the 4 seasons. Click on the links below to view and purchase!

Care Instructions: This pure silk scarf can be washed in mild cleanser, such as shampoo. Hang to dry, then press with an iron. The dye has been set, but there may be a very slight residue of color in the first wash water.

Wearing: Here are just a few of the many ways you can wear these different types of scarves!

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